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Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 4 - Out of bed

It was Monday, which meant that we had some great things planned for today!

Physio was going to be coming today, the dressing was going to be coming off and we were going to be one step closer to discharge. But first there had to be some eating and drinking so that we could change the IV over to a saline lock.
Nick is not the best drinker at any time, so we really had to work on drinking. But after breakfast that pesky IV line was gone!

I also put up Nick's All About Me poster he had made for school last week. I thought it was perfect to show all about Nick

To help to prepare  for our  first goal, getting out of bed, I wanted to get Nick propped all the way up. So it was time to pull out the lego. At first his back was hurting becasue he was up higher than before. But pretty soon he was distrated by that

And then I had him up at a full 90 degrees, and had him reaching and leaning forward.

He didn't have any problem leaning forward.

That got us all ready for the next step!
Perfectly timed, physiotherapy and occupational therapy came to see him. There wasn't so much from an OT perspective, he is still guarding his IV hand, but he is moving it and using it (and putting together lego with it)

But we got him sitting at the side of the bed. The transition was sore for him at first, but if he could get past that part he was able to sit and help us swing his legs over the side of the bed.
We did try to stand at this time (which is why his braces are on), but it was too fast and he had too much pain. So we sat back down and PT was going to come back and we were going to pre-medicate so we could get more work done.
I did have a quick vision of going home tomorrow if he could stand, but it was just too fast for him

While we waited, I pulled the lego back out. He could tolerate about 15 minutes of sitting like this before having to sit back down.

But over the course of the day we got our finished product!

 Nick also had a special visitor. Jenna, another adult with spina bifida came for a visit. She knows 5C very well and has had multiple surgeries as a child and had lots of support for Nick.
He was tired from all of the work he had done so far, but he did get a visit before passing out.

But he looked so cute sleeping

Grandma and Papa Bartley came for a visit too

They were here when physio came back in the afternoon. We got him standing up, it still hurt, but not as much in the morning, and he was able to sit at the side of the bed easier as well.

But the standing was hard. He had difficult standing up straight and kept hunching over and leaning his bum. I guess that is what happens when you haven't been out of bed for 5 days!

We also did a little bit of walking around the room. I'm not really sure why he grabbed the walker like this.

He needed a lot of support, and it was more shuffling his feet while she was holding him upright, than actually walking, but it is a start. And I have to keep telling myself that. It is a start.
My heart broke a little bit seeing how much he was struggling to walk. But I am sure that tomorrow will be better, and the day after and the day after. One step at a time, for real.

Nick hadn't been eating very well, and threw up the little lunch he had, so we gave him some zofran, which settled him enough that he snacked.

And this is how he ate dinner.

His dressing came off this morning as well. His incision is looking good. But it is big (about 3") And he is very worried someone is going to touch it, but with a little distraction he was actually really good with the dressing coming off. 
Sorry if it grosses anyone out, but it looks good. Now that the dressing is off he isn't really bothered by it.

Every day he is getting better. Tomorrow I am hoping he will be able to stand with less pain and take independent steps in his walker.
BUt here is his smile of the day

And this is how he is fighting sleep at 1030 at night (must be that nap recharged him!)

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