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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 6 - Home!

Our day started early when the doctors rounded at 630am!
And we were good to go home today!
We follow up with a MRI and Dr Rutka in 2 months. In the meantime, no swimming for 4 weeks, no contact sports, amusement park rides, wrestling, gym or recess until we see Dr Rutka. I asked if Nick can still use his bike (describing it) and he said that if there wasn't risk of him falling, then it was OK.
The removed, and replaced, 3 vertebrae (T6-T8) and it takes time for this to heal.

Because we were already up, and getting ready to go home today I thought it was a good time for Nick to have a bath.
We was very excited at the beginning. His incision is high, so he can sit in the bath without getting it wet. I washed everything, but left his back for last.

But one of the things that I needed to wash was his back and incision. The nurse said not to use bath water to wash the back, but that it was OK to wash with soap and water. She said to use the shower head (which was way too strong), because it gives fresh water. Nick hates the shower.
So I sprayed the water onto my hand and then dripped that water down his back. He did not like that, he was crying and scared.

When breakfast came he had his appetite back!

We prepped him with some morphine and then physiotherapy came and we got started!
Nick was walking even better than yesterday!

Today we talked about how he goes up and down the stairs. In regular physiotherapy we were working on walking up and down the stairs. Holding onto railings or with his crutches. But that is on hold right now and so we wanted to see how he would go up and down the stairs now.

He did pretty well. Going down the stairs he just needs to make sure he leaves enough space so he isn't rubbing his back on the stair. I got some physio exercises before we see physiotherapy at Grandview next week.

Then we had a quick game in the playroom while we were waiting for our discharge papers. We also got a prescription for morphine and Zofran in case we needed it (I would much rather have it and not need it, then to wish we had it).

Because we were good to go home!

Our bags were packed (pretty good for 6 days, I think)

And then Kyle came to pick us up

Nick decided to go undercover with his new hat

We had a bit of a delay, because when she was giving us our discharge papers she said the laminoplasty was T6-T8, and I had thought it was T7-T10. So there was a delay while we waited to find this out. This is also where we found out that they did do 3 vertebrae.
But we did get on our way

 We weren't sure how Nick would be sitting in the car and the car seat, but he didn't have any pain.

He had fun taking selfies on my phone during the car ride.

When we got home Nick got to have (a couple of) snacks and a rest on the couch.

Katheryn was still in school, so Nick had some doggy snuggles.

And then he finally fell asleep for a nap

Nick has been feeling pretty good to be home. He really wanted to go and pick Katheryn up. He made the trip, and visited with Jennifer without any pain

Nick and Katheryn have been playing together well. We talked with Katheryn about some of the new rules with Nick. No wrestling, being careful of his back and no pushing or making Nick fall down.  I showed Katheryn his back so that she could understand why they had to play more gentle for a little while. And we talked about it like when she broke her collarbone.

We are really glad to be home!
I am really looking forward to my own bed tonight!

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