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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Healing and Cottage Fun

With our fundraising event yesterday I wasn't sure how Nick would be, only 1+ weeks after his surgery. I had thought that we would be spending a lot of time inside resting and going out to the party for a while in between. That isn't how it turned out, Nick spent all his time outside and didn't rest at all. He also hasn't had any pain (which amazes me)

So we had a plan for him at the cottage. Including his wheelchair while we were outside, and his walker only inside.
And everyone knew that he couldn't wrestle and they had to be careful of his back. Nick also showed everyone his back as well. Everyone played pretty well together

Nick knows that he can't swim (for 4 weeks). Which made it difficult for him when we went down to the lake.

We did have a plan for him to be in the water. I covered his back up with some waterproof dressing (that I made up) son that he could stand in the water and get his legs wet, And his back was protected if he got splashed.
But Nick didn't want to stand and play in the water, he only wanted to swim. So we put a chair in the water

But the kids could come to Nick to play

 That did make him a bit happier, but he really still did want to swim

Katheryn had lots of fun jumping in the water

And having lots of fun.

I felt bad that Nick couldn't actually go swimming (and have some ideas to make this better for the next time we are at the cottage), while Katheryn had so much fun. But Nick still had fun playing on the boat.

But, in typical Nick fashion, he didn't stay upset for too long and moved on to other activities he likes doing.

The next day at the lake he was better and didn't really want to go in the water

He liked watching from the boat, and giving directions to everyone! 

He definitely was happier today by the water than yesterday

After the busy day the day before, and the hot sun, Nick took some time for rest

We went out for our first boat ride of the season!
It was Rory's first time out on the boat, and she wasn't too sure at first

The kids had fun going around the lake

Overall it was a B+ weekend (with only a couple of tears by Nick about what he can't do).

On Sunday we balanced fun with resting!

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  1. Just going to throw this out there, perhaps it will help. You could have a *special* activity for the kids, like maybe a different craft every day or something to do (I saw someone ordered a sort of fossil excavation kit where you have to delicately chip away at the surrounding material, it seemed to need an adult but was primarily done by a 6/7 yr old and younger sib helped too, just as an example of what I mean).
    The cousins and sister can choose to swim or to play with Nick (and playing with Nick means they play for 3 or 4 hours or whatever given time). Have enough to occupy them, and have it be exciting enough for it to be Nick's SPECIAL activity and fun enough without other kids should they choose to swim instead.

    I'm sure the dollar store or Michael's could get you equipped but homeschool activities for Nick's age would also be good to get ideas from- educational things but that they seems more like fun than school.