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Thursday, June 23, 2016


Nick got some special visitors today!
Nick's teacher and 2 of his EAs came to see how he was doing.
They brought him a card and some presents

Of course he shocked them by looking so wonderful!
He was so excited that they came to him house to see him!

I am truly amazed at how he is doing. This is the boy that 2 days ago he walked for the first time and had so much pain, and 4 days ago he was only allowed to sit up! Now he is home he is walking with his walker in the house and hasn't had very much pain.

Now instead of worrying about how he is starting to move, I am worrying about how to stop him from moving too much! With all of his restrictions for the next 2 months (no wrestling, no recess and no gym being the big ones).
At least school is only for another 3 days next week. And we have a plan for him to only go a couple of half days and to stay in his wheelchair for the day.

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