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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Every Blog Needs a Hockey Post

Yes I'm Canadian, and yes I love hockey, especially playoff hockey! Living in the Toronto area I get my choice of any post season team to cheer for - without needing to cheer for my poor Leafs (next season).
When Katheryn was born we watched every playoff hockey game, it was the perfect thing to have in the background when you are breastfeeding (she is a Pittsburg fan - in case you are wondering).

Katheryn had her 2nd year birthday party last weekend. Her uncle Mike and aunt Jen got her a great present - her first hockey kit! And she's been playing it every night in our dining room.

Here is Katheryn posing for her hockey card (and I LOVE the pic of her with the net). We have such a happy family - I can't beleive I'm blessed with these crazy kids!

Here is Katheryn celebrating after a goal!
She obviously has been paying attention when we watch our hockey games - she's a natural!

So where is Nickolas while Katheryn is busy playing hockey? Is he at the 'sidelines' cheering his big sis on?
Every team needs a goalie!

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