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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

OK so I'm a bit late in the post - I'll backdate it. But between Easter weekend (which was great!), beautiful weather, spending time outside, playing and with family I didn’t have time to post. It was a perfect Easter weekend. Then Katheryn turned 2 Monday and we spent the whole day outside, at the zoo and visiting, with some present-opening time squeezed in. Yesterday we were recovering and didn't touch the computer.

I also killed 2 batteries for my camera and hadn't been able to upload my beautiful pictures to show off these good looking kids of mine. Apparently I've taken 97 pictures this weekend!

OK Enough with the excuses.

Nickolas enjoyed his first Easter - not even minding when we put the bunny ears on. But of course he doesn't mind - he is so easy going! Katheryn won't let bunny ears on - unless it is her idea (She's my stubborn one).

We tried putting Katheryn in a pretty dress for one of our Easter dinners (we had 2), but she would have none of it. About 5 minutes after this was taken, she had it off. And running around naked in her shiny shoes.

The kids got Easter presents. Katheryn of course loved toys and even clothes. Nickolas got some clothes and a ball. I looked at the ball and thought (is this latex?) So of course he couldn't play with the ball until I got on the computer and sent off a message to the manufacturer asking if it contained natural rubber latex. It didn't and they were very quick to respond. It was a Baby Einstein product by Kids II. None of their products contain latex.

This latex thing has me on alert. I look over the stupid lists of latex free products by the Spina Bifida Association here and think of all the places latex can be (which is EVERYWHERE). And I wonder why manufacturers don’t care about labelling latex, and why the government doesn’t step in and do something about products that could seriously harm our kids.

Oops, I hijacked my Happy Easter post for a latex ramble. OK Here is Nickolas enjoying his first Easter Dinner (next year he should be able to actually eat it)


  1. LOL, I had the same latex panic over a couple Sassy toys Kingsley got (All latex-free stuff from them, too, in case you ever get Sassy toys). Love Katheryn's dress and Nickolas's bunny ears!!

  2. Love the bunny ears. If Nickolas is ok with those, that pretty much opens the flood gates for dress-up fun! Hooray!