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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heads Up

Now my little man is ready to take on the world! You hear about the milestones, you are told to be prepared that milestones will be delayed. Until you hear over and over again is he doing this... you realize no he isn't. Well on last week I was able to say Yes he is (holding his head 90 degrees). When we were at our mom and baby group at the spina bifida clinic, which I look at as mixed PT/OT assessment with a mom support group, Nickolas was showing off his new skill. Lifting his head, looking around, Oh hey there is Mommy over there...
It's a whole new world for him now.

I never noticed milestones so much with Katheryn. Yeah we reached them, whatever, at first I would go through the list, yes she is doing this and that and that.... it got repetitive and I just took it as we went. Now I'm almost hypervigalent about milestones, working to get him to reach them.

How to balance work time and play time with a 5 month old! He's not supposed to have work time! (I'm on mat leave - I'm not supposed to have work time either). Tummy time is work, he hates it (getting better now), I don't really have any exercises to do, but we work on bringing his legs up, stretching out his feet and getting him to reach for things.
It is sooo satisfying seeing him do these things.

Heads up world here we come!

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  1. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!! He's a rockstar with his head up like that! :)