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Monday, April 26, 2010

A new look

So anyone who follows my blog would notice that I've changed the picture and the background. Nice and green and ready for spring! It just cheers everything up! I can hardly believe it is almost May! In no time it'll be summer and time for the cottage, then fall, and then.... ahh back to work!
That is something I am not looking forward to. And so I'm ignoring it until at least after the summer and then figure out what my plans will be.

So to celebrate, on a rainy day we did another photoshoot. I really like doing these, and I'm really glad I have a digital camera so that I can take 100 pictures and then go through them and pick out the ones I like.

Great, except half the time I like 20 of them!

This is one of my favorites.
This picture just showcases how much they love each other. He can just stare at her forever, she just loves playing with him.

Finally he's interacting more with her. She comes right up to his face and says "hiiiiiii". He loves watching her, playing with toys she gives him, and he smiles and laughs with Katheryn! She generally likes it, until he gets ahold of her hair.

We have some milestones to brag about!
His infant development worker came today and was very impressed with his progress. His head tilt is gone, he's holding himself up straight. He raises so much when he's on his belly, and looks around, both sides, but we are still working on one side (he prefers looking to his right). We worked a bit on rolling - he isn't showing any desire to roll. But he does roll onto his side. But things are progressing well. She also gave me some pointers on putting weight on his legs - getting him excited so he straightens out his legs and - wow - he puts weight on them!
He was a bit excited the first time he did it. Flashes that great smile at everyone!

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