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Friday, April 9, 2010

Love Life

I've learned this last week that some things in life are important, and some are not. Some people are important in your life and some people are not. Some goals you have are important, and some are not. Family is important, who you are born to, who you birth, or who you make your own. They are the people who love you, support you and care about you.

I lost a friend this last week. It was a shock when I found out that she had died. I had just talked to her (online) a couple weeks ago. She'd been sick, but she was getting better, she asked about my life, my kids, how things were going with me. She didn't know about Nickolas' spina bifida until a recent post and was asking about him. I'd left the message to reply to later. Things got in the way, I left the message as 'unread' to get back to. I never got the chance.

What I learned from my friend Lisa Theodoris.
Be happy, be joyful, show your love for life to other people. Do not hesitate to reconnect with an old friend.
Thank you.

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  1. :( I'm so sorry for your loss, Amanda. My thoughts are with you and your friend.