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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swim Time

Nickolas has swimming lessons every Tuesday morning. He really likes it! He is such a laid back baby that he just lies there and enjoys the water.
He doesn't kick at all. Katheryn was a little older when she was in swim class and she kicked more. But that will come I'm sure. He brings his bum up and floats, and will go on his back or his belly, either way he just likes the water.

He doesn't have any problem going underwater. Not that he likes it, he comes up with this wide-eyed shocked look on his face - like What was THAT?! But no crying. I tell you - the most laid back baby ever!
Not that he won't tell you when he is upset or angry - mostly regarding food.

He's a great water baby! (Of course - he is a scorpio). Come summer time we're expecting to spend alot of time at the cottage and in/by the lake.

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