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Monday, April 5, 2010

My little girl is 2!

 Happy Birthday to Katheryn!

She does not like being the centre of attention (which is why all her birthday cake pictures are of her crying). We practiced all day. Singing happy birthday and at the end blowing out the candles. I thought we were good. Until she sat at the end of the table and we all stared at her and sang to her.
She is definately her fathers daughter (but he doesn't cry anymore).

The whole day was Katheryn directed. We did her favorite things, including waking up and puking all over mommy (oh so fun), maybe not a favorite thing, but for a little girl with a sensitive stomach, not uncommon. Back to her favorite things; all day with her Mom, Dad and Nick, going to the zoo, playing with cousin Madi, then pizza, water and animals. Overall a good day for Katheryn (until we made her cry with her birthday cake).

The weather was beautiful (I got a burn on my face), considering it is the beginning of April in Southern Ontario, we were lucky for such a great day! Katheryn got to wear her birthday girl shirt that she wore last year (the good thing about having such a tiny kid).

Katheryn's favorite things to do at the zoo?
Looking at water, walking in water, playing in water and stomping in the puddles. Her favorite animals, the polar bears - but really she liked the underwater exhibit (where they were not), and the turtles (in water of course).

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