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Friday, April 30, 2010

Food ... The next big step

Nickolas is almost 6 months old. That means he has a big milestone coming up! Introducing solids - exciting right? Right?! Yes and no. One side - my little boy is growing up. The other side - solids means potential problems.

So I've been dragging my feet. Getting excited and buying the necessary supplies - new bowls, little spoons and some different cereal. But they are just sitting there. Waiting until he is exactly 6 months old. What's the big deal? What could solids really do? It's not like we can stay on breast milk forever!
Just to name a few issues I'm trying to avoid: bowel issues and chiari issues. Oh yeah and the potential allergies associated with latex. It depresses me, it depresses Kyle too. He keeps asking if we should start and I keep delaying him.
Maybe Nickolas won't have any problems. But the potential is there.
Good thoughts! And we'll see what we get in 2 weeks!

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