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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Cottage Life - Part 2

Family. The joys of family, the fun of family, the support of family and the acceptance of family.

I am blessed with the best family – my own family, that Kyle and I made together, my immediate family (birth and in-law), and our extended families (grandmothers, aunts/uncles, great aunts/uncles, cousins, second cousins) and those we call family. This family has never questioned decisions we have made, has not offered unwanted advice, and have rejoiced in the accomplishments of Nickolas and Katheryn.

So what brought all of this on? All the family that we saw when we were visiting the different cottages. Everyone wanted to hold Nick – and Nickolas wanted to be held by everyone. No shyness – no ‘where is my mommy’ just aah a nice shoulder I can snuggle into.

(My camera’s battery died, so I don’t have alot of pictures at the family reunion at Kushog)

We even got some physio done while we were out – working on rolling and sitting, with everyone cheering him on.

Nickolas even got to enjoy some time out by the fire. But he was pretty sleepy at the same time. He slept alot better at the cottage than Katheryn did the first (or second) year she was there. Thankfully we had no 2 hours screaming fits at 2am.

But Cottage time, reminds me of family time – and how I think I have the best there is!

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