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Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have been worried about Nickolas' hearing for a while. I am concerned because in the morning I stand at the doorway to his room, call his name, and he doesn't turn - sometimes. Was he ignoring me, or could he not hear me? That is the question.

Nickolas can hear. That is not the question. He can hear you talking, can hear the dog bark, the doorbell ring, his sister crying. He follows noices and looks up and flashes a gorgeous smile when you call his name. He babbles. He passed his infant hearing screen no problem (at 1 month old).
So what is the problem right? Am I just being a psycho mom? I'm not quite sure. There is just something. I've noticed that quieter noises he doesn't necessarily notice. Whispsers he is less likely to turn and look at you. I need to do some more exploring.

I've talked to multiple people about it and everyone says the same. If I'm still concerned we can screen him again at 1 year!
But I don't want to wait a year. When we were screened at 1 month we were told that because of the spina bifida and hydrocephalus he fell into a high risk group, and would be screened again in 3 months. When we went for our assessment at Grandview, at 4 months, I asked about screening and was told that he wasn't in a high risk group. He didn't need another screen. But if I was concerned I could contact the audiologist (hearing specialist).

About a month later (5 months) I decided that yes I was a bit concerned and so I called. They told me that they don't do more screening unless he failed his first test, but if I was still concerned at 1 year, to call again. I talked to his pediatrician at 7 months and said that sometimes he doesn't turn when I call him, but I downplayed it (I think) and said I wasn't sure if he was just ignoring me. I also told him the audiologist said that I had to wait for a year. He of course checked his ears and they looked clear.

I talked to every person we saw about how he sometimes didn't turn when we called him. But yes he could hear and he could respond to noises, and was babbling. These are all check marks in the infant hearing chart.

FINALLY a couple of weeks ago someone listened. Dr Church at our spina bifida clinic. I can't remember what brought it up, there are a bunch of things that I worry about, but turns into nothing. But I did mention about his hearing, and that I've contacted people and told people, but was always told to wait until he was one year.

Well, she said that 1 year was not a magical number, and if I was concerned then I should call again for an appointment and if they gave me a hard time, she would fill out a referral.

So we do have an appointment for follow-up on his hearing. Hopefully get some answers.

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  1. Hope you get some answers!! King failed his in the hospital (his shunt is right behind his ear, like a hearing aid under the skin) when they did it a week after getting his shunt. He went for the follow up and passed, but we're supposed to go back for a second follow up btw 8-12 months I think. We were told the shunt makes him high risk. I'm glad you are being heard finally and he'll get seen sooner.