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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Cottage Life - Part 1

Can you get vacation if you are already off on maternity leave?

We spent 6 days visiting family and enjoying the carefree, relaxing life of the cottage. In 6 days we travelled 450 km (275 miles for my American friends), visited 2 sides of the family, over 40 different people and 5 dogs and 2 lakes (Orr Lake and Kushog Lake).

Nickolas enjoyed exploring things – he has gotten so much more interested in the things that are around him. He searches and grabs and just wants to see and do everything. His favourite thing is to be held by someone – doesn’t matter who - and watch the leaves.

And of course he shows off how he can sit by himself now – just a couple tips now and then. And rolling over – he is starting to get the hang of it, and know what it is used for. Pretty much as a means to get places – we are not there yet – but hopefully soon!
Katheryn enjoys being by the water, even when she has to wear her life jacket. Orr Lake is very shallow and perfect for little girls to run around and splash in. Kushog Lake is quite deep – the water level is actually higher than usual, perfect for adults who want to swim, not so good for little girls who have no fear of the water.

Considering the number of drowning deaths in Ontario and Canada since the beginning of the summer – we are very anxious that Katheryn wear her life jacket whenever she is near the water at Kushog. And – surprisingly – she actually put on the life jacket without a fight.


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