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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Park Time!

We have the most wonderful park a short drive from the house. And stupid me just found it. It’s right by the lake and has a wonderful walking trail, a snack bar, huge trees, a splash pad and a great park!!!

We went and checked it out the other day and Katheryn had to be (literally) dragged away. Katheryn was running all over enjoying the slides and the ramps and the trains, the pirate ship and the bouncy things and wheels that turn, knobs that twirl and the wood chips and.... Every time she turned around it was like she found another wonderful thing to play with!

I was trying to juggle the 2 kids, watching them to make sure they were fine. It was either sit with Nick and watch Katheryn from the distance, or chase Katheryn around the park and watch Nickolas from a distance. Or carry my 25 lb 'little' baby around, fighting to keep his hat on AND chase Katheryn around the park. Pretty much I did all 3. This must be training for when both kids can be running in opposite directions and I have to watch both of them.
Nickolas thought the park was great because there was nice shady trees he could sit under. He LOVES watching the leaves blowing on the trees. Since we live in a new development we don't have grown trees for him to look at - so parks, cottages, grandparents are when he gets this treat.
But he lies under the trees, laughing and talking to himself and just having fun!

When Katheryn wanted a break from running around she wanted to 'tee-tell Nick'. Which he loved of course!

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