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Friday, August 6, 2010

Spina Bifida Awareness

I am all for spina bifida awareness. I think there should be more of it, I welcome more of it.
I saw a recent post on facebook about a series of ads the SBA (Spina Bifida Association) is playing in Times Square. I though Perfect! Lets take a look at it!
I was excited that some public awareness was finally going to happen - then I saw the ad.
Folic Acid Awareness.

The ad was all about the importance of taking folic acid so your kid doesn't end up like mine! That is how it makes me feel!!! Did they show any kids with spina bifida? Did they try to straighten up some common misconceptions about spina bifida? NO!

Their "spina bifida awareness" campaign was all about preventing spina bifida (and you can't prevent it 100% - me, and alot of the other moms were taking folic acid) Folic acid statistically decreases the chances of having a neural tube defect, but there is no one cause of spina bifida.

You can view the ads here. Give your baby a healthy start and Give your children a gift today .

This is what they say:
Give your baby a healthy start
Spina bifida is the more common permanently disabling birth defect in the US
8 babies are born with spina bifida or a similar defect every day
take a multivitamin with folic acid daily before pregnancy to give your baby a healthy start

Give your future son or daughter a gift today
Take a multivitamin with folic acid daily before pregnancy to help prevent birth defects like Spina Bifida
Their future depends on what you do with the present

Thanks for that. Those ads just make me so aware of what spina bifida is. It doesn't blame the mother at all!


  1. Though I know it's important for people to know they need to take more folic acid, I don't like the add either - it gives people more misconceptions and make them continue to ask "what did you do to make this happen?" Frustrating.

  2. I agree! I wish there was more awareness and focus on making the "8 babies a day" have better resources and advocates.

    There is not nearly enough research going on to benefit the kids that deal with it everyday :-( Really, even if it was my fault - it doesn't help my kiddo much

  3. Totally agree. I think education is necessary, but I ALWAYS feel like the SBA is blaming me for Esther-Faith's Spina Bifida--and like you, I was taking folic acid. As if I don't deal with guilt enough as it is... What about an ad talking about quality of life for those living with and affected by Spina Bifida?

  4. Yep, see I prefer not giving my baby a healthy start or any sort of gift. What fun would that be? Babies don't need gifts! (insert me rolling my eyes)

    That's totally frustrating. And all it makes me want to do is get a doctors note that has the conclusive blood test showing that I did in fact take FA before and during my pregnancy so I can pin it to my forehead. Lovely. :(

  5. OH!! But speaking of GOOD awareness, nice article in the SBHAO bulletin! GO TEAM NICKOLAS!