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Monday, August 9, 2010

Enjoying Ourselves

First of all: Nickolas got his first TOOTH!!!!

He is not as happy as we are. But a couple doses of tylenol, some frozen vegetables in his net-thing and we seem to be getting through ok. He is irritable and I've checked his shunt more than once over the last couple of days - even though I know it's teething - always nice and soft.
I haven't been able to get a picture - but it is a bottom middle tooth. And a think it's partner is ready to pop through any day as well.

You might think talking about teething is a weird way to start an 'enjoying ourselves' post. The enjoying ourselves are because we were back up at the cottage on the weekend... and that's right we were enjoying ourselves.

The kids got a new swingset - that's thanks to their Lefebvre cousins (who had outgrown it). Kyle had fun putting that together.

But Nickolas enjoyed himself watching all of the work being done.

We didn't really get a chance to play in the lake. The weather wasn't agreeable. But that didn't keep Katheryn away, she loves playing in the water. Whether it is lake water, or rain water.
Her grandma was more than happy to take her out in the rain.

Then the problem was bringing her back inside...

And we can't talk about enjoying ourselves without a picture of some kisses!

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  1. Nice swingset! That's a great score! Poor guy, I feel like Kingsley's been teething for a month as well, but so far nothing. Hopefully Nickolas will get some relief once they just pop through!